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We’ve got you covered Singapore. Motion Graphics & Animation will keep your brand soaring.

Motion graphics & Animation Singapore

Lockdowns have frozen traditional video production but your digital marketing can keep pushing forward through story-based motion graphics & animation. Our award-winning, Singaporean team is ready to help you..

Popular Motion Graphics Styles

Motion graphics is a powerful tool to tell your story. It's wildly creative and puts you in total control. It's super cost effective and a very popular option for video marketing.

White Board Animation

Kinetic Typography

Bespoke Designs

Motion Graphics


Motion Graphics

3D Animation

Environment Building

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Our ideation and scripting team is ready to help you weather the storm and keep your production on track. 

We have had a lot of fun helping brands and networks tell their stories through animation. Give it a go!

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Deloitte - Can You See

Deloitte approached us with a concern. Financial crime is on the increase worldwide and they owe it to their customers to raise awareness in this trillion dollar illegal profession.

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We are ready to put our creative heads together, to keep your brand soaring during this Lockdown period.

So are we the right fit for you?

Here’s a few FAQs to help you in your decision making process.

We are accustomed to Network series with big crews and post production that stretches for many months. We have a strong production and post management team that regularly deliver to networks on time and with impeccable QC standards.

We have produced live and near live social campaigns for MNC events with large multinational crews and large technical setups. We thrive on big!

If you have a limited budget our AV Services team ensure we can still deliver you a quality product for less. These services include such things as Basic filming, Infographics, photography, video versioning among others.

Just let us know your budget and we will tailor a package for you. You will still get our famous editlounge quality control.

A SGD$5-10k+ package can get you a nice explainer animation, office Interview video, product launch video, case study video, AdSales editing, promo editing and even event live streaming. 5-10K is definitely a workable range, with manageable options.

SGD$15-20k+ lets you get more creative and allows for scripting and filming with a Director & Producer by your side. Graphics can start getting a bit more custom, editing can get more refined and now you can throw in sound design and colour grading options.

SGD$50k+ Now we get cosy with top directors and DOPs, add more filming days, lighting crew, cast some talent, build sets and create some content that really shines. Bespoke design and visual effects are at your disposal also. Senior editors and colourists will be at the ready.

Tight scripts, storyboards and production managers all ensure you have good coms and clear vision for your team.

Yes, all our creative talent are available on a daily basis and some even hourly.

Film Crews range from $850-1800 per day depending on experience level and equipment level.

Editors , Graphic Artists, Colourists, Audio Engineers, range from $650-1500 per day depending on creative expertise and work complexity.

This gets us excited! We are full of ideas and love keeping abreast of viewing trends and campaign ideas. Let us unlease them on you. I’m sure they will excite. 

Brand stories, infotainment, commercials, explainers, TV series, bring it on.

We have revision opportunities at every step of the way, with plenty of time to contemplate, discuss and revise at every stage as we move forward.

Our Creative Heads are very good at understanding their clients wants and needs. Keeping you happy means you’ll choose us again and that keeps us happy. So we are happy to bend over backwards to ensure you get what you need.

We have production partners on most continents to cover international filming. We do prefer to send one of our directors from Singapore to ensure story and creative continuity. We take ownership of each production and it is important they all reach our high our standard.

We have a large post facility with 12 private creative suites and 8 open creative suites. They are used for editing, colour grading, motion graphics, animation, sound design. All suites are connected to a central server for media sharing and redundancy management.

We have two post producers who manage the post-production workflow so you are always in good hands.