Story-driven & entertaining
branded content.

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Video, infographics and
animation production for
global MNCs & SMEs.

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Brand videos, testimonials,
banner ads, product demos,
and explainers.

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Infographics that are
original, creative, informative
and entertaining.

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Video versioning for social media
including podcasts,
blogs and posts.

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Wide selection of licensed
music tracks, and beautifully
composed original soundtracks.

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Professional 3D animation
for logos, products,
processes and information.

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editlounge . brands is a Singapore based video, infographics and animation production company founded in 2003. We create broadcast-quality brand and support videos, infographics and animations that combine emotive storytelling, great visuals and superior production values for a finished communication piece that gets noticed and shared.

We offer the strongest storytellers, production crews and editing teams in Singapore, as well as world class facilities that allow us to create our content in-house. With a single point-of-contact Producer that manages your entire project from beginning to end, and a convenient workflow, we offer complete transparency and control when you need greater flexibility in scheduling and budget.

We believe in true cutting-edge ideas, techniques and execution, and we realise that quick turnaround times require a different approach from bigger brand advertising and reoccurring online content.

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Daryl Burney

A storyteller with a strong background in editing and cinematography, he works with networks and brands to create lasting impressions. With 30 years in the industry, and originally trained as a photographer and videographer, Daryl has developed to become an award-winning editor who’s helped shape documentaries and reality shows for all the major international networks.

Josh Yong
Head of Creative

With 15 years experience in broadcast, production, marketing, and creative, Josh shares his expertise in creative storytelling, post-production and music. He has worked with agencies such as DDB, BBDO, JWT, Hogarth Worldwide and Greyworks, and on TV series such as X Factor Australia, Asia’s Got Talent, Masterchef Asia, SupermodelMe, Australia’s Next Top Model, and Asia’s Next Top Model.

Douglas Harding
Business Development & Executive Producer

With over 30 years experience in broadcast and branded content production, Douglas has worked in production, on-camera talent, voiceovers, sales and marketing with Disney Channel, Discovery, MediaCorpTV, BeckerEntertainment, and over 500 videos, infographics and animations with MNCs, SMEs and startups. A Singapore permanent resident for 18 years, he shares his vast experience with clients and staff.

Salmah Aidid
Post-production Supervisor

With 8 years production and post-production experience, Salmah is a supervisor of epic proportion, notably with Asia’s Got Talent TV series where she organised, coordinated and managed 20 cameras, 12 front-of-house, 10 behind-the-scenes, 20TB of content per day, in every format, synced, logged, transcoded and prepped in record time, from post prep to audio, grading, graphics and broadcast quality control. Your show is in good hands.

Jyuneen Junid
Production Manager

With 10 years experience in production managing, coordinating and shoot/edit assisting, Jyuneen looks after the many complex details and processes in creating exceptional branded content for our clients. In addition to production, she also excels in HR and finance which makes her one of the most well rounded and dynamic production managers in Singapore.

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editlounge . brands is a multi-ethnic collection of creative individuals, spanning three generations, with over 30 years experience in writing, filmmaking and design.


We create videos, infographics and animated branded content for use online and for events.


Companies need to continually grow their brand awareness and brand trust so that they can be profitable market leaders. Now more than ever, these companies require high-quality branded content to promote their brand, products, services and culture to their mass or niche online audiences around the world.


We become involved with companies when a client needs to communicate key brand messages to their wider audiences, and need to do it in an entertaining way so that they can garner the highest amount of interest, exposure and awareness.


We create broadcast-level quality branded content that is story-driven and visually entertaining, so that it is enjoyable to watch and share. We draw on our strength of reality-based TV series to bring emotion and excitement into the brand stories we help to create.

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