Story-driven & entertaining
branded content.

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Video, infographics and
animation production for
global MNCs & SMEs.

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Brand videos, testimonials,
banner ads, product demos,
and explainers.

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Infographics that are
original, creative, informative
and entertaining.

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Video versioning for social media
including podcasts,
blogs and posts.

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Wide selection of licensed
music tracks, and beautifully
composed original soundtracks.

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Professional 3D animation
for logos, products,
processes and information.

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Whether it’s to promote your brand, products or culture, we create media content that connects deeply with your target audiences for lasting impressions and bankable results.

editlounge . brands delivers high-quality videos, infographics and animations that are story-driven and visually entertaining. By creating media that people enjoy, we make it easy for them to learn, trust and share your brand, which is what great marketing and ROI is all about.

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We’re pleased to share a short selection of some of our favourite work. To see our full portfolio, please click on the button below the videos.

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There’s a lot of talk these days about what constitutes good quality in video production, infographics and animation. To us, quality branded content is equal to the high standards of broadcast television programming, and contains:

Outstanding Creative Ideas

Straightforward Project Execution

High Production Values

Bankable Results

editlounge . brands delivers these outcomes consistently through our award-winning creatives, high-end facilities, and inspiring work environment. Our experience in reality-based TV series allows us to bring the same level of excitement and entertainment to your company promotions through engaging online branded content.

Click Contact Us below to tell us about your upcoming media project, or click Request Facilities Tour if you’d like to see how we work.

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editlounge . brands has received prestigious awards from local and international festivals for our creative team’s work in both branded media and broadcast TV content. This same group of talented writers, producers, directors, editors and animators are the people who create great content for your brand.


Our broadcast partner editlounge . tv creates well-known reality-based TV series such as Asia’s Got Talent, Asia’s Next Top Model, and Amazing Race Asia.

editlounge . brands uses the same creative and technical expertise to develop your branded content, which is why MNCs and larger SMEs trust our story-telling and visually entertaining approach for their videos, infographics and animations. We bring the same level of quality and excitement from BBC, MTV, and AXN to companies like Shell, Deloitte and Mars Wrigley.

By conceptualising unique ideas mixed with trending topics and flawless execution, we achieve big results for our clients.

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The aesthetic flair & polish editlounge ingests into Asia’s Next Top Model is second to none. Their Colourists are among the top of our list for post-production online support.

Sam Gollestani

Executive Producer
Entertainment, Content and Communications
FOX International Channels

editlounge have been successful in both understanding Shell's brand values and marrying that with highly creative content both in video and 2D animations. Editlounge is one of the few post production facilities that is versatile and confidently operates in many genres.

Chandi Jayawickrama

Executive Producer Asia
External Relations, (PCoE)
Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte Ltd

editlounge has been a long and trusted partner, supporting MTV's content creation initiatives at every level of the postproduction process, from media management to editing and technical support.


Senior Director, Content (MTV), SEA &
Greater China/Executive Producer
Viacom International Media Networks

The editlounge team is also an absolute joy to work with, making what could be a stressful process into one that's fun and enjoyable. You always feel that they have your back.

Ng Yuina

Executive Producer Asia
Channel NewsAsia

This has been the most successful season of Asia's Next Top Model in franchise history and we couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again for making post on another Fremantlemedia Asia show such a wonderful and efficient experience.

Mark Arbitrario

Executive Producer
Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 4



Deloitte wanted to promote their new corporate whistleblowing online platform called Deloitte HALO at an upcoming trade show. Because the event hall was going to be very large and noisy, they wanted a video that would capture the attention of passers-by, deliver key brand and product messages, and provide a quick overview of how the system works – all without using a voiceover narrator.


editlounge . brands conceptualised and created a disruptive, eye-catching 1.5-minute motion graphics video that mixed layers of light flashes, shocking text, newspaper headline scandals and originally produced infographics to stop passers-by in their tracks, and inform them of the dangers of reputational risk and how Deloitte HALO helps whistleblowers manage, escalate and archive their cases for a more safe and compliant workplace.


The Deloitte HALO section of their trade show booth achieved a high walk-in attendance. Also the walk-in visitors who had watched the video were more informed of whistleblowing, reputational risk and the HALO system, which allowed the Deloitte booth representatives to skip past asking entry-level questions, and engage with them at a higher level of product discussion.

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There’s up to a 41% increase in traffic when companies use videos.

Videos decrease the threat of competition when you embrace the trend, and create content that’s more exciting, enlightening and empowering than competitors’. Professionally created videos, elevate you above the trend.

72% of consumers prefer video over text.

Videos grow your market by delivering information through entertainment. Entertainment reaches larger audiences because it gets shared. Well crafted videos developed by experienced scriptwriters, directors and editors, gets your brand shared.

76% of companies have increased sales by using videos.

Videos increase revenue because they’re highly leveraged and less expensive than traditional marketing. When videos are beautifully filmed, animated and edited they are more popular with consumers, and can reduce marketing spend.

80% of all internet content will be videos by 2021.

Videos help expand awareness by telling stories. Storytelling has the power to hold people’s attention from beginning to end, and can be heartwarming or funny, which builds an emotional connection.

100% of your C-suite, staff, vendors, clients and
competition are watching business videos online.

Videos deliver a consistent, understandable message of your brand to diverse stakeholders in entertaining ways. Stories that are filmed and edited by experienced professionals, communicate messages at the level of quality that perfectly matches your brand identity.


Do you have questions about an upcoming branded content project, or need guidance in creating a brief to get the most out of a creating a video, infographics or animation?

We’re here to help. Contact us directly to arrange a short phone call or meeting.

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