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AI, can you make me a marketing video?

It’s September 2023… and as an experiment we delved into the world of AI to see if a marketing department could bypass production costs to make their own corporate video without filming or hiring creative talent.

And the verdict is… no, not really.

Ai Create a marketing video - Bad faces
Faces are scarey

But we did find some great tools that can aid the content creation process. Are creatives out of a job? Also, no, we just have a ton of great new tools at our disposal.

Ai create a marketing video explainer graphics
AI explainer graphics
AI create a marketing video - Logo
AI Logo Creator

So what did we use for this exercise? Of course ChatGPT was our go to for the script. The popular Synthesia for the avatar, Biteable worked for the explainer graphics. Aiva was the choice for music and of course, MidJourney for stills, Genmo and Leiapix for manipulating those stills and Gen2 & Kaiber for video content. And even the logo was created by LogoAI

OK AI, can you make me a marketing video?

You be the judge!

AI create a marketing video - Premiere
AI still needs a master

Of course this video used AI media but still required a creative professional to generate, curate, compile into the final video using your trusty edit software.

My advice is to use AI, as your create software implements it. This way you have are assured that it’s mature enough to be a professional asset and not a gimmick.

As you read this my opinions are probably already out of date. Staying abreast of AI is tough, but thankfully our industry favourites, Adobe and Resolve are incorporating the best bits into their tools, as they mature. Go have a play with Adobe Photoshop’s GenAI…endless hours of fun!

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