Feature_How to change your timeline frame rate in Davinci Resolve 16

How to Correct Your Frame Rate in DaVinci Resolve

Melanie Foo Campbell

Melanie Foo Campbell

Principal Editor & Colourist

So you've spent a few days editing in Resolve and you suddenly notice your timeline is in the wrong frame rate..

Then you go into timeline settings and realise that the timecode options are all greyed out.

Dun dun duuuun.

A quick google search shows that the best way is to delete everything in your project just to change the frame rate… Nooooooo. 

Well, good news, since Davinci Resolve 16 you can now have timelines with different frame rates in the same project.

So let me show you how to change your timeline frame rate without having to make a new project and start again.

Step 1.  Make a new timeline in your existing project and go to Use Custom Settings

Step 2. Go to the Format tab and change your frame rate.

Step 3. Go to the timeline with the wrong frame rate, copy your entire edit and paste it into your new timeline. Done!

Just make sure you check your edit, of course, to make sure it looks good in case something goes wrong. Paranoia is everything for an editor. 🙂

Here’s a video demonstration of how to correct a wrong frame rate in resolve

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